Meet Our Team


Stephen Upton

Practice Owner (BVSc, BSc (Chemistry))

Stephen has been a veterinarian since 1983 and started his career in England. He moved to Kingaroy and bought the surgery in 1987. Stephen enjoys surgery and problem solving, and he loves treating birds. Stephen is an active member of the local Lion’s club. He also is part of the South Burnett Musical Comedy group and occasionally performs with them. 

Catherine Neal

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Cathy has been working as a vet nurse since 2011, she joined us in 2014. She has a wide range of talents – from being very skilled at technical tasks such as placing intravenous catheters and monitoring patients under anaesthetic and she also particularly enjoys clipping dogs. Cathy breeds stockhorses and both she and her partner have done well competing in polocrosse competitions.

Sarah Campbell-Brown

Veterinary Nurse (Cert II in Veterinary Nursing)

Sarah joined us as a trainee in late 2014 after doing work experience. She enjoys helping people take care of their animals and she particularly likes being able to handle and help socialise puppies. In her free time, Sarah is a member of a local netball team. 

Alesha Price

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Alesha started her veterinary nurse career in 2014 over in Western Australia. She has a deep love for her huskies. She enjoys educating people and helping them to care for their pets. In her free time you can catch her out on the water at the local dams.


Customer Service Manager (OTJ Training: Napping, Client Cuddles, some typing expertise)

Mia has been with us since 2012 after retiring from being a pest control officer on a nearby farm. She really enjoys sleeping and she also loves supervising people as they are using the computer workstation. Mia has a special interest in any wildlife that is brought into the surgery and doesn’t believe it is fair that she is not allowed to see or access them. She is also very interested in afternoon consultations and believes it is important to repeatedly remind other staff members that her feeding regime should be at the top of their priority list.

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